About Us

Meet Joe Gibbons and Christopher Vanderhyden, your hosts at Alicion. We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our home and know you will enjoy the many activities Lunenburg and the South Shore offers.

After a visit in 2018 to friends who had recently moved to the Annapolis Valley, Christopher and Joe knew that Nova Scotia would be a great place for the next chapter in their lives. In the past year they had been looking around at bed and breakfasts, with a notion that they would move from their home in Bermuda to Canada. Now, at this point most people adopt that look of uncertainty - moving from Bermuda to Canada? Surely there’s a soft spot here.

Well, Joe was born in Bermuda and Christopher in Toronto. They have been together since 2003 and married since 2014. Joe has had a diverse career ranging from banking and administration to culinary writing, teaching, and restaurant management following an abrupt career change at the age of 40. He received a degree in culinary arts and a further diploma from culinary school in Paris. Christopher, from his early training and retail work in Toronto in the makeup profession, became arguably Bermuda’s top makeup artist, working with models, in film and video promotion, and most importantly with destination weddings. It is now time, they believe, to work together in a joint venture where their skills are best put to the test.

Both fell in love with Alicion on the first visit. One of Nova Scotia’s grandest bed and breakfasts, the 1911 revival mansion is both their new home and a welcoming oasis to guests. In the coming years they plan to build on the superior quality and amenities the property offers, welcoming guests with great food, easy familiarity, and comfort. Alicion continues to focus on helping the environment with eco friendly toiletries, locally sourced food items, and energy conservation.

Alicion—(Lat) - A mythical bird related to the Kingfisher; breeding at the time of the Winter Solstice, nesting on the sea and having the magical ability to calm waves and winds.

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